Welcome to our VAT Registration Online Portal

If you are applying for a VAT registration for the first time, we will need information about your company.
To start the application process, please click the button below to complete your company questionnaire.
After completion, you will be able to select the type of registration and required countries.

Consider having a copy of the company Trade Registration/Business Licence and the ID/Passport of the Legal Representative. They will be requested to be uploaded in the next questionnaire.

If you have already provided your company information in the past, you can simply skip to the application page by clicking on the appropriate option below.

You should select this option if you need a new VAT ID Number if you have or are planning to import goods, use warehouses, or exceed the applicable distance selling threshold for a given country.
Select this option if you already have a valid VAT Number that is currently being handled either by you or another vendor, and you would like DVAExpress to take over the VAT compliance work.